Fetish Friday

March 29th, 2019
8:00 PM Doors/9:30 PM Show
The Vogue Indianapolis


About Fetish Friday

Riding Crop

Welcome to an evening of debauchery, performance, & seduction! Fetish Friday is a one-night celebration of art and alternative sexuality, where you can express your darkest desires and enjoy an evening with like-minded kinksters. The event features DJs, live performances, and play spaces/furniture to used by all attendees. Whether you're a curious first timer or a seasoned veteran, we seek to create a welcoming environment for all experience levels and expressions.

We are happy to announce Bellflower Clinic will return to offer free HIV and STD screenings, starting at 8pm in the lower level of the venue.

Net proceeds from this event will be donated to the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. NCSF aims to advance the rights of, and advocate for consenting adults in the BDSM-Leather-Fetish, Swing and Polyamory Communities.

Schedule of Performances

Click any of the performer names in blue to view their bio.

8:00 PM
Doors Open
Music By Afterdark Resurrection (GOTH & INDUSTRIAL)
Free STI Screenings From Bell Flower Clinic
9:30 PM
Welcome From Our Host Flood
Molly Meru (Aerial)
Ru Bella (Burlesque)
Nafaria & Annabelle Siren (Whips & Hoops)
Artemisia de la Miel (Sideshow/Grinding)
10:00 PM
Music By Afterdark Resurrection (GOTH & INDUSTRIAL)
10:30 PM
Curiosity (Rope)
JuJu Bone (Burlesque/Kink)
Scarlett Nopantson (Wax & Burlesque)
Erza Scarlett & Akasha (Dance)
11:00 PM
Music By Lothair (GOTH & INDUSTRIAL)
11:30 PM
Bobbie Blush (Burlesque)
Nafaria Siren (Aerial & Whips)
Lady J (Burlesque)
Josie Wails (Burlesque)
Molly Meru (Pole)
12:00 AM
Music By Lothair (GOTH & INDUSTRIAL)

Rules & FAQ


    Don’t touch people or their things without their permission. If you’re unsure if something is OK - ASK FOR PERMISSION FIRST.

  2. Tickets

    Tickets may be purchased online before the event or at the door, assuming we are not sold out. There are no special requirements for tickets, but you must be 21+ with a legal ID to attend. If you need to transfer your ticket please contact The Vogue.


    Taking photos and video is permitted at our event. However, you must have explicit verbal permission to photograph/video other attendees and to share the photos. Anyone caught taking unauthorized photos or video will have their device confiscated, media erased, and may be expelled from the event without refund. Please do not use flash when photographing our performers, and do not tag performers in photographs or videos on social media without their permission.


    You will see a variety of lifestyles expressed here tonight. Participate and join in the fun in whatever way you feel comfortable. Voyeurism is participation, just be polite about it. Something making you uncomfortable? Feel free to walk away.


    If someone is breaking the rules, please notify a security volunteer on duty immediately. There will be 2 available at all times, wearing red glow sticks. The venue will also have their house security available for any issues you may want to report.


    Clearly communicate your intentions to your partner(s) and obtain enthusiastic consent first! Know their limitations and your own. Do not play if you or your partner are intoxicated.

    We have supplied play furniture for your enjoyment. Please keep your scenes to reasonable lengths so everyone gets a chance to use it. There are sanitizing supplies near the equipment; wipe it down before and after use.

    The following types of activities are forbidden: knife/gun play, breath restriction/blood chokes, intentional breaking of the skin, expulsion of bodily fluids, masturbation/sexual penetration.

    The event safeword is "RED." If your partner calls "RED" you must stop your scene.

    If you decide to use the play space furniture, please be respectful of others around you and the time you spend on the equipment. While there is no time limit, others want to have their moment to play in the space you've chosen. Furniture cleaner and towels will be available between uses. No bodily fluids should be intentionally drawn from a person, per the venue's restrictions.


    All smoking needs to be done outside the venue, including vaping. No illegal substances are allowed at the event, anyone caught with them will be expelled from the event without refund and banned from future events.

    No outside food or drink will be allowed into the event. The location will have the multiple bars open for attendees to purchase libations.


    We heavily encourage attendees to dress in fetish wear or formal wear. Think corsets, heels, leather, lace, latex, little black dresses, PVC, fishnet, kilts, suits, boots, steam punk, gothic, pinup, masquerade, fantasy, romantic, etc. We want to encourage an environment of sexy self expression, so if all else fails wear whatever you feel sexiest in. Still stumped? Just show up in black and you'll fit right in.

    Out of respect for the residential area of our venue, please be fully dressed or covered up at all times when outside. Once inside feel free to bare as you dare, but you must remain "street legal" by definition of Indiana State Law. This includes covered female nipples*, and fully covered genitals and crack for everyone. If you are not dressed to these standards, you will be asked to cover up.

    *We recognize that this law is ridiculous, unfair, and outdated, gender is a spectrum, etc. If in doubt, please err on the side of covering.


Questions? Please check our Rules & FAQ section above for your answer. If you still don't find what you're looking for, feel free to send us an email.